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Saeio’s production keeps up a palpable consistency despite its continuous tendency to break new ground in painting. He reflects on his art practice and on the importance of graffiti in his life and more broadly nowadays. By putting his heart into this discipline, he single-handedly seized upon an impressive number of technical skills and painting supports. His set of works on letters can be inspired by the aesthetics of Hector Guimard and Art Nouveau or at other moments by Blade’s manifest legacy, whose extraordinary production on the New York City Subway in the ‘70s and ‘80s made durably and deeply his mark on the aesthetic of graffiti. Saeio’s will to develop or even shake up his graffiti sometimes leads him to abstract compositions which carry out hints of expressionism or impressionism. The 20th Century avant-garde pictorial aesthetics that he uses are not only limited to the image itself but are extended throughout a strong spiritual commitment in his painting. Saeio is without a doubt the best tag writer and one of today’s most amazing and complete graffiti writers.

He keeps a strong attachment to letters, a central subject in graffiti,

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