I love handstyles. Like, I really love handstyles. As EARSNOT said in Infamy they are that buttery essence of graffiti. No matter where you catch one, you know some one is going to see it. The way the ink drips down a door, or the squeak of a sharpie as it slides across the paper. Goosebumps. I can’t get enough, and I think many writers would know exactly where I am coming from, it becomes second nature at some point to catch them everywhere you go.

Our main man Bazooka Films 77 hooked up with JEANS BTR to record some of his handstyles on video. We’ve seen JEANS handstyles around, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to watch them come to life. Check above as he creates a couple of sheets of stickers, most likely destined for signs and poles around Oakland. Shout out to JEANS, Bazooka and Oakland Terminal for making this one happen.


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