Hello folks, NCC, non ce-so’ cazzi, is the Napalm Cluster Configuration made by Imos, Come, Wake, Sirek and Seb. The crew was established in 2013. We’re few but good from Paris, Valladolid and Rome.

1Lets start with a classic question: How did you end up doing graffiti?

IMOS: its the Ego fault…he can t find a better way to grow up

WAKE: I was just very young and innocent.

SIREK: When I was a child I was always drawing. In 1993 my cousin who lives in Madrid introduced me into graffiti. Write your name in the streets was very common during this period in Madrid. My cousin gave it up, however I’ve still been rocking since then.

COME: I was a young kid… After a travel in New York city, where i was freezed by the vision of an HoF, back in Roma i started looking at tags around my neighborhood and i had the desire of doing  the same stuff. From 1995/1996 i admired the styles of the roman kings up in that period and from the previous. One day i’d found in a bookstall Phase2’s book:”Style: Writing from the Underground”. Then…



2 We can see you are from different cities. How you get in touch ? Do you see each other very often? You travel a lot?

COME: I’m from Roma, like Wake and Imos…i grew up with the first and i know Dee from many years. I’ve met Seb few years ago in Paris and Sirek join us recently in Roma cause he lived and worked here for some months…Internet and common friends helps the connections.I love to travel and whenever i can i take a flight to meet the others.

IIMOS: internet is the shit! we meet when we can and soon we will have our first complete crew meeting.I travel less than i would…

WAKE: Me and COME are like brother we started to paint together many years ago. We met IMOS through common friends and since then we have been painting very often. IMOS was already friend with SEB, while COME met SEB during a trip to Paris and same I did just a couple of months later. We were sharing a similar vision about  style and graffiti, so after more or less a couple of years we decided to create NCC. Within the last year SIREK also joined the crew. I do travel quite a lot both for my pleasure and for my job and currently I’m living in London.

SIREK: We keep in touch via internet. We try to visit each other as often as it’s possible.




3 You think your crew have a recognizable  style? How you can define it in a couple of words? 

IMOS: Sure we have our style, we are the mechanical side of the funk

WAKE: Each of us has a personal style, but of course we are influenced by each other. I would call our style TECHNO ( but the other call it Funk) and MASSIVE. Techno cause I like this music the most and because like the creators of this music did in the ’80s in Detroit we want to innovate with a strong consciousness of our roots and respect for the graffiti style masters. Massive because we like to paint big. In any case what I like most is that we don’t care about fashion and about the others but we just want to push further our styles and ideas.

COME: NCC brings the future together with the NYC’s traditions of Style. Mechanical Robotic Funk!

SIREK: Of course, I think we have a classic style but with some current codes.



4 When do you feel satisfied with a piece?

WAKE: When it’s time to go. I mean that every piece deserves a certain amount of time and you’ve to do your best with what you have and always try to be efficient and fast. Certain kind of styles can be massive if you have 5min but not if you stay 2h in a yard. I always like the fact that everything we do is very temporary and is going to be cancelled one day or another. With this in mind you’ll not try to play with special effects but you will need to go to the substance.

IMOS: When is balanced between functional connections and letters.

SIREK: When I see one of my pieces some time later and I still like it, I can say I’m satisfied.

COme:  A well balanced piece for me have to come with powerful letters interlocked with crazy loops but still readable and some explosive colorschemes! But i’m not easily satisfied and i try always to do better…



5 Panels, Hall of fame, street bombing. what satisfies you the most?

SIREK: When I was younger I used to do more street bombing. Then, some trains. Nowadays I could say I’m so calm and I prefer making more relaxing pieces, especially when I’m in my city and only make another night stuff from time to time, but when I’m in another city I enjoy making missions.

IMOS: Good spots to burn.

COME: I consider myself as a styler more than a bomber…but i love all the different features of doing Graff! I don’t spend all my nights doing tags and throw ups but sometimes…and i always keep a juicy marker inside my pocket. Street and night action for me embody the real soul of Graff so even in an hall of fame you have to paint steady: rapid lines without second thoughts!

WAKE: Vandalism and street bombing is the most fun for sure and is better than every drug. What could be better than to see the train you did while arriving in the station with the commuters in it? The hall of fame is the place where you can’t miss the chance to push your style further. I’ve been in every action always more focused to spend good time with my friends than to do something for the fame to be honest. So I would say…do what you feel to do and that fits with your lifestyle, but just do it better.



6 Do you live art in different forms out of the graff world?

COME: Out of the graff world i’m an abstract painter.

SIREK: Yes I do. I work as a graphic designer and also do stuff as illustrator and as artist. A lot of friends of mine are artists already. I enjoy visiting museums and seeking news on internet, so I’m surrounded by art.

WAKE: I paint abstract canvases and I believe this has an influence with graffiti in both the directions, but they are not strictly related. I think that graffiti is anarchy and not art, but at the same time it has been unconsciously the biggest art movement after the pop art.

IMOS: I have been painting and drawing since i have memory and at the moment it gives me to live.Come_Imos


7 What has graffiti given to your existence? What has it taken from it?

IMOS: they entertain my life

COME:Many stains on clothes…Graffiti gaves and is still giving me a lot.It was a way of thinking, an uncommon way of living, looking and exploring the city. It teached me how to go deep in things. Thanks to Graff i’ve met people i consider as brothers, friends from allover the world.It made me live extraordinary experiences that taught me a lot about life and human relationships.

WAKE: Good friends and adventures. They have taken time and money, but I cannot complain.

SIREK: Freedom, discipline, a lot of friends, journeys… sometimes is like a therapy. For me graffiti is a way of life. I can be busy with too many things but graffiti is always there. It requires me a lot of money and so many time to do other things, but I don’t really mind. 



8 What keeps you writing?

SIREK: As I said before, to me is a way of life. It’s just been there, always, since I was 14. It’s a momentum, a necessity, an addiction… I don’t know. I only just do it. I think if you’re been writing more than half of your life, maybe you have no reasons to give it up easily.

COME: For me Graffiti was never ending evolution, i just can’t quit it! I keep evolving my letters and my style till i can do it. Everytime i see a new inviting spot i wanna paint it, everytime i see a smooth surface for my marker i wanna put my name on it! It was my favourite game and i take this game seriously…so i consider to stop only if i understand i’m not true to this game anymore.

IMOS: writing is natural as sex no matter what religions say.

WAKE: I never thought about quitting it.



9 Any crew adventure you want to share with us?

COME: I remember the moment in 2013 when i was with Seb in Paris, after a good painting session we was drinking in a bar and we decided to build the NCC crew. Testarossa timeless style!

WAKE: Do the sketch (sometimes), take the cans, meet with the guys, drink (sometimes),  drink a lot (sometimes), go to paint, walk, run, jump, paint, hide, wait, take a picture, finish. I prefer not to share.

IMOS: i have some but i’m not sure them would be so interesting to share…

SIREK: I remember one with Imos and another guys from Rome painting in the beach near the city. Before beginning the pieces we’ve seen a car in the dark parked on the beach’s sand near the wall (sure a romantic moment). Anyway we were cautious. We began to paint in silence, speaking quietly. A few minutes later somebody shout us “Hey guys! Could you help me?“. We stop painting and we decided to go. It was the guy of the car we’ve seen before. After his romantic moment he noticed that his car was stuck in the sand and he couldn’t go away. He ask us if we could help him pushing the car. When we arrived there, his girlfriend was out of the car, she was a bit embarrassed. All of us help him to push the car out to the road. The guy want to gave us some money in gratitude, ha! ha! “OK, it’s not necessary”. After this we return to finish the pieces in a more relaxed atmosphere.



10 New generations, instagram, internet and all that. What do you think of it? Some people hate the internet, some others love it to share their productions, others just don’t give a shit. Do you have any position or consideration about this?

SIREK: I’m not against using internet at all to show some stuff, sometimes is the only way to know what other writers are doing in the rest of the world, but I’m against the fact I call “internet bombing”. There are people literally bombing on internet, showing all their stuff magnifying his work in al lot on social networks, making visual noise, trying to make you swallow their shit like ads… too much information, no filter. They’re being so exposed and too worried about the number of “likes” trying to become a graffiti star. I think is better to work hard in silence and use internet on a sane way.

WAKE: Internet is a great platform to share what you do and to get in touch with more and more people. But you need to have a solid background in the street where is the real life. So if you have 10k or more followers on instagram but you don’t have a style and your stuff is a shit, I just don’t care about you…

COME:As i told you before internet for me is good for connections with people allover the world and for showing your stuff.The problem is that lot of “writers” do graff only to post their new creations on the net, loosing the real purpose of graffiti. Your name have to stay first in the city, near rails, on the dirt of a dumpster, where everibody pass by…then you can be up also on blogs, instagram, etc..Another problem was the flattening of style…new easy trends comes and everybody do it. Go study your lettering and the traditions of your city style! You can be influenced by someone in the beginning but then you have to find your own way…if you haven’t stopped before! Graffiti is not a trend, not only an easy way to be up…in the long run fakes will be unmasked!

IMOS: internet is a link to share stuff but don’t tell the truth. Visit acity and read what is on the walls, live the magic feeling of a real experience. And try to create something good!



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