This is the turn of Mike from the crew TopDogs  Tuff and M.C.I crews, from the States. We recently found this guy with his fresh styles, lots of burners, throwies and actions, so we decide to interview him for you!!! Check him out!!!



1. Lets start with a classic question: How do you end up doin’ graffiti?
I was a bit of a derelict as a child always fascinated with derel activities. In the beginning I thought I was just putting a logo up like the other guys as I learned more things changed but that little adolescent derelict has always been alive inside of me.


2. Lets talk about your style… Do you think you have a personal style? How you reached it?
I think I’m influenced by a hefty amount of graffiti predecessors. Nothing I can do hasn’t been done and I like that. I’m not reinventing the wheel I’m just rolling with it. Any one can achieve this with lots and lots of trial and error



3. When do you feel satisfied from a piece?
I will let you know when that happens. I think if you are a true graffiti snob you will never be satisfied with something you paint because over time your best becomes your what was I thinking piece. I like how it’s just constant progression and figuring out what exactly you want from it.


4. Panels, Hall of fame, street bombing. what satisfy you the most?
It’s all satisfying. Graffiti is fun. People forget that. It’s always supposed to be fun. Everything has its approach on how to do them but it doesn’t matter what you are painting as long as you are painting. I could have just as much fun needing out doing tags in a warehouse as I would doing panels in a yard. Sometimes it’s the memory and the company you keep during the excursion.



5. How is the life of writer where you live? You think could be differnet if you were from somewhere else?
The life of the writer is a hard one to really talk about, people do graffiti for different reasons and get different results.


6. Do you live art in different forms out of the graff world?
Of course, I can’t escape it. The Bay Area has a very heavy artistic community. It’s impossible to escape it.


7. What graffiti gave to your existence? What it takes from it?
It has taught me a lot about myself. But what it gave to my existence is existence. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons on life, family, friendship and expression through graffiti. What it takes is what anything you put all of your passion into. You become nuts, you sacrifice so many things and opportunities, yet looking back on it you are still fulfilled and still crazing more.



8. What keeps you still writing?
My escape, my thirst for more, the challenges graffiti presents


9. Any crazy adventures you want to share with us?
Life is a crazy adventure. I look back on what I did as I came up and I wouldn’t do anything differently. I could list stories of violence, chases, ladies, climbing and falling from spots but the best thing about graffiti is not knowing anything about the person and judging only on third person stories and your own judgement based upon their work



10. New generations, instagram, blogs, internet and all that. What you think about it?
Some people hate internet, some others love to share their productions, some others just don’t give a shit. Do you have any position or consideration about it? It’s all a double edge sword. Graffiti is alive. It’s the digital age, but when you get positive feedback from a graffiti great that has always influenced you, you can’t really hate on that. It brings people together with this online sense of community as well as is a solid network for international and national connections. Yeah there are a lot of pros. But law enforcement use this very plateau against you and if you are too revealing you may just be feeding all your info straight onto the clipboard of chief wiggum. It’s easy to be on one side or another. I just don’t really think about it and just paint. Shoutout to all the people who kept me entertained, happy and interested. Realistically my shout out is to anyone putting paint on the wall who is having fun and doing it for the sake of having fun. Rather it be a penis, political message, band name, girlfriends name or you expressing yourself. Keep it alive. I love all aspects of the art form


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  1. redthagraffitihinter July 8, 2015 at 9:10 am #

    A true king tried to get him to hit my black book at a show once a few years ago just waved me off…. but bra is young and killin the bay has been for years this dude is goin down in history for sure

  2. DFMafia July 9, 2015 at 10:12 am #

    How you gonna call yourself mike USA when he’s doing European style? He wasn’t even born and raised in America what a joke. He’s what you call 15 minutes of fame. So many other cats in the bay have crushed and are crushing like he has and they Come with originality, not this hipster trendy ass style with random pocka dots and shitty arrows. He’s Better off doing straight letters or atleast the caype style he bit cuz mike sucks. Keep getting up tho, real recognize real and I ain’t hoppin on no trendy letter band wagon just cuz he “gets up” , ain’t that hard to get up in the bay anyways.

  3. American Mike July 10, 2015 at 8:29 am #

    It’s funny you chose a username of a crew I put a lot of work in and in return now choose this format to talk shit about. You know why those ties are severed and the people got what they had coming when I left. But do you maybe you can re resurrect the crew and put in countless hours and years making efforts to make something out of it I couldnt. Instead you are probably some new jack 1 year in the game. Which is funny because if caypes name is in your mouth. Well congrats the most shine that mob will get out of me now is here. Good luck in life. Make it easy on yourself and leave what you write and I will happily explain in person