Hello guys, we’re LIFE’S crew, composed and founded in 2007 by Bier, Nore, and Punes, then other elements were subsequently added  such Losko, Dien, Moek, Seme, Blunt, Hello, True, Flo, Tomas and Olmo.

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1. Lets start with a classic question: How do you end up doin’ graffiti?
I believe that each one of us has had different reasons, maybe similar, and has experienced several events that led him to approach this world and to be part of it, I also believe that, being born all of us more or less in the 80’s, we approached this reality simply because we were attracted from those who have wrote before us, just looking at the walls of our neighborhoods, our city, the panels on the trains or some fanzines that rarely we had see




2. We can see you are from different cities. How you get in touch each others? You see each other really often? You travel a lot?
We are all from southern Italy, apart from one of us who is from the North. Distances don’t limit us, we are very often on the move and trying to see each other, because as you can imagine, when a crew is born inevitably relations of brotherhood are born too. We came in contact obviously meeting to go painting. Basically this crew is made of a small group of boys who are childhood friends, who have had experiences together, who have developed this passion together and who have met in a certain point of their lives precisely because of the consequences that come from being active in this matter. As it often happens in this environment, at first people get to know each other thanks to the productions that one can see around, then you meet the author and maybe finally, you even become attached to this person, this has happened. Inevitably, being active and moving around all the time, we have known other realities, local, national and foreign ones; so some ties with other people who share our way of doing have been born and of course these connections became strengthened and spread more and more, in fact, this is for sure one of the most beautiful aspects of this reality.





3.You think your crew have a recognizable style? How you can define it in a couple of words?
Life’s crew has a mixed style, always enough adapted to the demands of train bombing, but with different solutions adopted by each one of us. I think this is obvious in a crew of people born in different places. Someone has a style a bit more “funny”, someone uses the spray in a particular way, someone remains fairly schematic, or another one comes out of the box without any problem. There is not a precise definition for our letters, or at least I don’t know it.




4.When do you feel satisfied from a piece?
I think this is a personal question, so I will answer it by myself
I am satisfied with a piece when the result is not forced, when I recognize my line in “a mistake” or when in my piece there are stylistic influences but they don’t rape my own style, my essence.
Maybe this way of approaching to writing has been marked not just by knowledge, also by a person in particular who has lit up on me the curiosity of what is instinctive in the productions (no matter the nature they are made of) rather than being shocked by the “special effects” that hit you in your childhood.
I write this because I come from a reality far away from the metropolis, I never had a master who told me stories, I began to perceive what really graffiti were (New York subway in the 70’s/80’s) and I have exhaustively documented after came of my majority, then you can imagine the level of ignorance that I had about the subject, but it was fine anyway. (SEME)




5.Panels, Hall of fame, street bombing. what satisfy you the most?
Life’s is a crew basically focused on trainbombing, so each e2e, each panel or wholecar excite us a lot. What you feel in contact with metal is simply different from what you feel doing a throw up in the street or a piece in hall of fame, these are just some facets of the same subject. I believe that every member of the crew have a different approach, and perhaps together we complete each other.



6.Do you live art in different forms out of the graff world?
Some of us use their skills in other areas, nothing specific and official.




7.What graffiti gave to your existence? What it takes from it?
The graffiti gave me a reason, a reason in this existence based mostly on stupid demonstrations. I think it is one of the most real movements of human expression, when you are devout there is nothing that can dissuade your thoughts, there is nothing negative in graffiti, only good memories and as a friend of mine says, no regrets !





8.What keeps you still writing?
What keeps us active? I believe the desire to feel alive, the desire to exist.






9.Any adventure of the crew you want to share with us?
Now i don’t have particular stories in my mind, but i think that our, are the same classics and very bizarre stories who like us makes train bombing. Sure! this is what we love! all what there is around it.




10.New generations, instagram, blogs, ineternet and all that. What you think about it? some people hate internet, some others love to share thire productions, some others just don’t give a shit. Do you have any position or consideration about it?
It is banal to say that the Internet and virtual platforms have helped the movement to became known, but also to change it and to ruin it in some cases. At least, there are positive and negative aspects ,so discretion and autonomy, this is my opinion. Thank you guys for the opportunity given to us, we greet you and adventure fellows who supported and will accompany us in the next years of existence. Living For Emotions.




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