Italy is the place…Tons of unpublished pannels, handstyles, stories…Proud to present to all of you the HFS CREW. Check it out!!!

1Lets start with a classic question: How do you end up doin’ graffiti?

Goner. When i was around 10 (mid 90’s), to convince me to follow her to milan to the egiptian museum,my mother told me “hey, i’ll show u the drawings on walls and trains”, that was my first contact.

Otsi. I ended up doing’ graffiti just because i tried doing them, and i liked it, a lot.I was, back in the days, checking for a friend who used to enter the yard, and that is basically the first place where i started to paint as i knew from before what to do and how

Core. I’ve always been fascinated by the vandalism, by the letters and by the idea of being able to do something that would create real discomfort to people and to society. Painting was the best thing to combine everything.2 Are all of you from the same place or from different cities? . How you get in touch each others? you see each other really often? You travel a lot?

Nass. I’ve always seen graffiti when i was a child, admiring colors and shapes.I’ve been previously passionated to vandalism as a game untie  i realized there was someone doing graff so I decided to try to be one of them.I was 14 i think…Trying to do tags with some friends i realized it fixed perfectly to me.

Ekso. I was a 13 years old rapper, walking around my little hometown i saw a really good BOMB piece and i decided to tryin’ this shit…different cities but i can clearly say that when i met the hfs guys for the first time i recognized them immediately as  friends.


foto 3

banana 026


2.Are all of you from the same place or from different cities? . How you get in touch each others? you see each other really often? You travel a lot?

Goner. Different cities but i can clearly say that when i met the hfs guys for the first time i recognized them immediately as  friends.I ended up writing the same name after some years. i got one funny story about it.After years painting together, some members from ML’s and HFS wanted to merge our crews, but me and otsi were the ones against it, even if we were very close to each other, but then i was the only one from MLS joining HFS.I used to travel a lot and visit them, now we see each other less then before, but it is always a pleasure. i did some of my best trips with otsi.

Otsi. We all live in different cities, we actually try to see each other as much as possible.
when i have time i do like to travel, also with other friends that don’t belong to our crew.
I was recently in Rome with some non-italian guys and was fun. I love that city.

Core. We’re from different cities. Everyone has his own life and business but we’re constantly in touch. I personally play in a full time touring- extreme metal band and i use to travel a lot because of it.




3 You think your crew have a recognizable style? How you can define it in a couple of words?

Goner. I think the crew does. but i can’t include myself in the business, cuz i’m still a 2000 german style warrior lol

Otsi. I would say we all paint “simple stuff”

Core. Yes, i think we do. Fresh and punky could be the right words.

Nass. HFS

Ekso. Yes for me is quite recognizable, that we’re keepin’ up since our very first days..never thought about a name for that, but i’d call it ignorant with style.




4.When do you feel satisfied from a piece?

Goner. Just being there and painting.

Otsi. When i see the stuff rolling, especially if it’s something that normally doesn’t run for long time or doesn’t run at all.

Core. When letters are well balanced and smartly melted between them.5 Panels, Hall of fame, street bombing. what satisfy you the most? i spent my life painting trains, what else can i say.

Nass. Style wise never at all.Nice actions satisfy me,maybe more than the piece quality,it’s about having fun.

Ekso. When I can say that I’ve done cool letters in a short period, without bringin with me the sketch; being impulsive. In my personal view the freestyle shows you what real class is.





5.Panels, Hall of fame, street bombing. what satisfy you the most?

Goner. I spent my life painting trains, what else can i say.

Otsi. Panels of course.

Core. Definitely panels.

Nass. If i travel i enjoy tagging with the marker during the day. Hall of fame… i enjoyed it when i was younger…now it’s like… smoking joints with friends, painting in realx at the sunshine… but at the same time wasting spray for panels or good spots…

EksoPanels.I must say panels of course. But all of that are really a pleasure.IMG_6592




6 Do you live art in different forms out of the graff world?

Goner. Nope

Otsi. I’m into music a lot.

Core. Nope. I absolutely don’t consider graffiti as an art form. I just don’t like to match these words on the same phrase.

Nass. No comment

Ekso. N0





7 what graffiti gave to your existence? What it takes from it?

Goner. Gave me the skills to plan and organize all my stupid mates to the logistic side of graffiti,and took from me all the time i would have used  to do  normal things that young people do to have fun.

Otsi. Gave  a lot of things, took a lot of things, but i guess it was more giving then taking, otherwise i would have already stopped.

Core. Graffiti is a life style, a religion, a pure addiction, something if you’re into it, you can’t live without. Graffiti formed me as a man as i am now. Graffiti changed forever my life.

Nass. Gives me brothehood and a passion… A different attitude to life in general. Takes me money and sleeping hours.

Ekso. Gave self-confidence, friends ; steal money and time for hanging out to party with friends, so I can say in a certain way that graffiti also let me more neurons in my brain that I would have burned staying around partying.




8 What keeps you still writing?

Goner. I can spend hours talking about that, but in the end i would say i don’t know.

Otsi. Yeah i ask myself from time to time, especially when i’m checking some spot in winter time and i have to wait 1 hour hoping for some security to go. Why i’m still doing? i don’t know

Core. I’m not painting anymore.

Nass. Passion

Ekso. After such many years I don’t know, it’s like an addiction, you’ll always come back to graffiti.





9 Any adventure of the crew you want to share with us?

Goner. Once, while we were painting a double whole car, ekso was on the ground checkin under the train for more than five minutes, and then Otsi asked “wtf are u doing” he replied “honestly i got something else in my mind right now, leave me alone” (during the trip he had lost  the jeans that his girlfriend had given  him)

Otsi. Lots of cool and uncool stories we experienced through the years, but more or less writer stories end up being the same stories, and sometimes i can’t stand to listen them anymore.

Core.Once we did a BJ/WC on the Stockholm subway. That was tight.

Ekso. The last one happened to us it’s a bad adventure, when a single woman (sober) with a Smart  overturned the car of  four guys that were going to paint …saaaaad story but I’m not going to describe the details (no one died).




10 New generations, instagram, blogs, ineternet and all that. What you think about it? some people hate internet, some others love to share thire productions, some others just don’t give a shit. Do you have any position or consideration about it?

Goner.Internet related to graffiti for me is like a cancer. u can’t really  fight it  and u got to accept it.

Otsi. It has its pros and cons. someone paints a lot and never shares his pictures, some others paint one thing and you can find it in three different views on ten different blogs… yeah, and this sucks!

Core. I’m the one who doesn’t give a shit actually. I guess maybe internet and blogs could be potentially good as sharing forms. Unfortunately a lot of people use these instruments in the most wrong way thinking to be cool-as-fuck sharing horrible pieces, though. We’re losing more and more interest to draw beautiful letters, ignoring and ruining the roots of this underground movement, thinking pretty much just to the fashion shitty side of the Graffiti and not to what Graffiti originally were for real. Total disappointment. Total bummer. Thumb down.

Nass .The best is seeing rolling pieces.
Photos behind a screen or on paper are always photos…
if you’re in to it you understand who’s fake and who’s not. Internet is very dangerous.
I personally prefer paper most.

Ekso. I love paper but I can’t say that is not good also to being able to see graffiti from all over the globe sitting comfortable in your sofa..and much better also because you can meet writers from all over..but it’s sad sometimes watching some 1 year old career writer being famous like cope2 because of instagram..







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