Hi, Clito!

1)Lets start with a classic question: How do you end up doin’ graffiti?


 At the time of secondary school. The cousin of my best friend was a few years older,

he listened rap music and one day start to explain us some basic things about graffiti


A few days later we bought some cans and went to write in a local park. I still remember

that I wrote POPO, i don’t know why.


2)Let’s talk about your style…do you think you have a personal style?How did you reach it?

 I don’t know if i have a personal style, but i always try to put something distinctive in

what i do.


Usually i get bored quickly, so the changes happen spontaneously.


 3)When you are  satisfied of your pice?


When you are looking at it and immediately you want to do another one.

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 4)Panels, hall of fame, street bombing…what satisfied you most?


 It depends, also a single tag can satisfy more than one panel or big bombing.

Some time ago i was close-minded, now i like everything (except hall of fame).


5)How is the life of a writer where you live?


Basically normal, there are those who work, those who study and those who try to do

one of this two things.

Unfortunately stress is always so much and money’s tight. They paint only those who

really love this shit.


6)Do you live art in different forms out of the graff world?


No, i’m not an artist, but i’d like to learn to paint with oils. Soon i will start.


7)What graffiti gave and took from your live?


Good question. Graffiti gave me unique emotions, big friendships and the desire to

explore what you don’t know.

At the same time they fucked my dating relationships and my desire to study/work. That’s



8)What keeps you still writing?


I don’t know if you can explain it rationally, it’s more a factor of feelings and emotions.

The desire to write is something that gets inside you and makes you become completely

addicted to it. You can try to keep it away, but sooner or later comes knocking at your



9)Any adventure of the crew you want to share with us?


A little time ago i was drawing with my brother EDRO and suddenly appeared a train

driver about 20 meters away from us. He started screaming and promptly we hid in a

tactical place where we can observe him.

He was disoriented, he took the phone and began to talk with a friend or colleague about

the fact just happened: “I caught two graffiti artists! One managed to escape immediately,

but i gave a lot of punches and kicks to the second one!“

We laughed for hours.


10)New generations, instagram, blogs, ineternet and all that. What you think about it? some people hate

internet, some others love to share thire productions, some others just don’t give a shit. Do you have any

position or consideration about it?


I love books and printed publications, but most of them have no reason to exist:

always previously viewed photos and nothing interesting to tell.

Internet is the present and the future, all the news circulating there. I am not enthusiastic

about this, but is not possible to stop the wind with hands.

Thanks a lot . Graffdonuts team.

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