Ceres is a writer with a long history, from Cardiff U.K, member of the crew YRP and GSD.
Here is an interview with new styles and old memories, with fresh new walls and crazy actions in the London Subway system back in the days. Check it out and learn something!!!
Graffdonuts Team


1. Lets start with a classic question: How do you end up doin’ graffiti?
There was almost no graffiti in Cardiff when I grew up, but a mixture of seeing Subway Art in the school library, living next to a train line and going to London with my parents to see family and seeing names like Fume, Zomby, Bozo, Zonk along the train tracks, got me starting scribbling on my local walls. This was in the late 90s, then pretty quickly got into trains and started visiting London regularly from 2002 onwards to paint.


2. Lets talk about your style.. do you think you have a personal style? How you reached it?
I’ve always tried to have my own style, whether I’ve actually succeeded is up to others.  Then again the Police always seemed to manage to match most of my pieces to me even if they said other words so… Put it this way, I’d rather do something different but shit than a perfect piece based on other peoples letters and techniques.


3. When do you feel satisfied from a piece?
These days, once I’ve made a mess of it and scribbled all over it.


4. Panels, Hall of fame, street bombing. what satisfy you the most?
Obviously panels, although with age I’m open to all aspects and enjoy painting a random wall far more than I ever thought I would a few years ago.


5. How is the life of writer where you live and, do you think that can be different if you live somewhere else?
UK is generally pretty shit for graffiti these days, harsh sentences and a lot of buffing means that you don’t see much graffiti and when you do it’s mainly rubbish.  However some of the best writers in my opinion come from here and some of the best trains.  I was pretty lucky to get away with painting trains all the time for 10 years before I got any serious consequences, I’ve met kids who’ve done more time in jail than as an active writer, which is just fucked.  When I first started painting in London though, it was going through a renaissance with panels running on lots of lines, loads of bombing, loads of beef over yards and just generally good times.


6. Do you do art in different forms outside of graffiti?
I’ve always been into other forms of art, I probably prefer some art to most graffiti.  These days I mainly take photos and doodle.


7. What graffiti gave to your existence? What it takes from it? What keeps you still writing?
It’s given me so many good times, good memories, good friends and a lot of travelling.  It’s given me a lot, even the bad times looking back were pretty funny.  No regrets at all personally, although all the Police raids, jail time and general drama is always going to have a negative affect on your family and loved ones, that is a downside. I keep on writing as I’ve done it now for over half of my life, so would be odd to completely stop.


8. Any crazy adventures you want to share with us?
Just the typical British stories of one week spending all night in the yard taking the piss, next week having to jump in a river to get away from BTP and their dogs or hiding in a strangers house from a helicopter.  Always from one extreme to another.


9. New generations,  instagram, blogs, internet and all that. What you think about it? some people hate internet, some others love to share their  productions, some others just don’t give a shit. Do you have any position or consideration about it?
I’ve got to be honest, for the most part, I used to fucking hate the internet when it came to graffiti.  My suspicions were proven right when the Police used online photos and comments posted by other people to convict me. Dry snitchers galore, he’s from ……., he also writes ….bladifuckingbla. Last straw was going to Copenhagen for the weekend, someone posted the runners on a Danish blog, someone from the UK saw and posted on their blog, all of this before I’d even got back, next thing they’re checking all flight details to Copenhagen and my doors are flying off at 6am.  Cheers.
These days almost every writer and his dog has some sort of internet presence, so if you can’t beat them, join them.  I would never have imagined I’d have a Tumblr and a Instagram, times have changed and I’ve mellowed with age!


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    “I’ve mellowed with age!”