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  New video from Utah and Ether youtube channel: No comment.” tells one story using two very different narratives . In spring of 2016, UTAH & ETHER set out on a 5 week holiday to Australia, but before the end of the second week their travels took an unexpected turn. Utilizing the tête-bêche format, “No […]
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  Trailer of STILL AROUND by SABe in collaboration with SPRAYDAILY. SABE – Still Around, is our most ambitious book project so far, 260 pages, over 500 photos with wild style, throw-ups, trains, tags by the legendary style writer SABE.  
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Harbor’s Heat – 港灣之熱 [2017]

  Graffdonuts X Bingo Scope Pictures presents: New short film introducing the humid n’ sticky local scene and officially launching Bingo Wear brand. A homage to the Hong Kong Cinema in a modern and what we call “graffploitation” key, the short film explores the city of Hong Kong at night during the most hot & […]
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