CANEMORTO publishes Toys, a new video realized in collaboration with Marco Proserpio.
The video was firstly presented on 22/02/2016 as part of the exhibition Toys by CANEMORTO, at
Viafarini/Superfluo in Milan.
This short-movie mixes indiscriminately cinema, rap, graffiti, art, reality and fiction, launching an
ambiguous provocation on the relationship between street art and the contemporary art market,
with a focus on the recent debate about the controversial exhibition Street Art: Banksy & Co: L’Arte
allo Stato Urbano and the stealing of Blu’s wall-paintings in Bologna.
Toys contains indeed a unique exclusive interview with Camillo Tarozzi, the Italian restorer who made
the discussed removals of Blu’s works, filmed by the director Marco Proseprio in January 2016.
The project is directly linked to the full-lenght movie Amo-Te Lisboa, produced by CANEMORTO in
2015 (now entirely available online), and represents a sort of sequel, in which the three characters of
the movie decide to leave street painting and undertake an implausible career in the contemporary
art world.


CANEMORTO is an Italian trio active in the streets since 2007, characterized by a rough and brutal
painting style. They have realized wall paintings and exhibitions all around Europe, building a personal
language which combines graffiti elements with an imaginary religion based on a evil dead-dog divinity.
Marco Prosepio is an Italian director and videomaker based in Milan, part of the Sterven Jønger
collective; he is currently working on a full-lenght movie called The man who stole Banksy.
Toys can be seen as a spin-off of this upcoming documentary.
Sterven Jønger:
Produced by SECTION80:


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